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  1. Be sure to send me pics via email of your build so we can post them up on our Facebook and site. You can send them to me at [email protected]
  2. Finally got around to ordering my kit!
  3. Ok no worries when you are ready we will ship it out.
  4. Well, I have been scammed out of my turbo kit and 1700 dollars.. I will get the order in as soon as I get this all sorted out, but for now I am in a hell of a pickle
  5. Corey if your ready to place your order with us at Import Muscle for your kit go ahead and do so. We are waiting on our next batch of kits from the machine shop and they are scheduled to be done by or on the 20th. We will then ship it out as soon as it is packed up.
  6. Yep, stupid Chase Bays crap.. It was a nice setup, but I wanted an LS1 from the begginging should have done it the first time
  7. How come your other motor never ran? Was it wiring related or the motor itself. What a shame car looked great.
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