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Thread: Favor to ask

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    Favor to ask

    I'm working on my car trying to figure out a problem I'm having. As some of you know I purchased my car after it was stolen and recovered. This means I've had to compile lots of parts from lots of different cars to put things back together. The problem: I can't seem to figure out the drivers side door harness and what connector it plugs into under the dash. The door may be from an ap1 and the car I have is a 04 ap2. I've read that there's a harness difference between the years and before I purchase a 04 door harness I was wondering if anyone could give me some input and possibly look at their car and take a picture of this connector under the kick panel. Any input would be appreciated because for the life of me I can not find a plug under the dash that fits the door connector I have. Cheers.

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    Yeah it dose, problem is the connector doesn't match anything down there. There is one plug close in size available so I was thinking it might be a wrong year harness change thing. Thanks for looking into it.

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    Still trying to figure this out

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    Hers a few pics of the connectors. Male is the car side female is the door side.
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    Pictures ^^^^^

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    Well to answer my own question, there is a difference between 00-03 and + drivers door harness designs. I purchased a 04 harness and it plugs into the connector under the dash and dose not look like the one off the 03 door.

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    Ha yes it was. I have a test account and forgot to switch user accounts. It helps when trying to duplicate user problems. "THE BOSS" is now logged off.

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