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Thread: Howdy from Oz

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    Howdy from Oz

    G'day all,

    I've just joined the forum. I've had my S2000 since new, but I've always wanted a V8 - I just love the sound. I was even *this* close to replacing my WRX with an E92 M3 or an ISF, but I figured my weekend and track car - the S2000 - was the one to play with rather than my daily.

    I love Honda, the S2000 and its F20C, but as they say, there's no replacement for displacement. I also would like to try something more different to the turbo or supercharger route.

    I'm still in the research stage at the moment, and looking to see if the LSx swap in the S2000 will meet local regulations, before I look at costs and effort more seriously.

    Anyway, I look forward to discussing more about LS2000s with you folks!


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