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Thread: Hello from New Zealand!

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    Hello from New Zealand!

    Hi guys my names Ricky I'm 23 from Auckland, New Zealand!

    I have blown my F20C in my 1999 JDM spec AP1 and have always wanted to run an LS! I guessed now would be the perfect time.

    I had looked into Import Muscles conversion kit and luckily we have plenty of Holdens here for parts. I managed to get my hands on a T56 Transmission for a price I couldn't refuse!

    Although I am confused... would the conversion kit work on a RHD S2000? I'm assuming most people would have a LHD and wasn't too sure if the kit would work...

    I am planning to use an R200 differential from a 300zx/R33 GTST and again, we fortunately have a lot of skylines here in NZ so that would be affordable. What mounts do you guys use? I see there are options from Inline Pro and Driveshaft shop.

    Thanks, hope to be friends with you all!

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    Yes our kit will work with RHD cars with a few minor adjustments. We have a Rearend kit to use the new 2010 and up Camaro diff. I'm not sure if you can get the engine out of a Monaro but that is what I have in my car now. It's the GTO here.

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    Welcome in dude! Glad to have another NZ based LS2K brother Couldn't resist it eh. Once ya go big cubes ya never go back ^__^

    GTO/LS1 holden is the most cost effective way to go for v8 power in NZ.

    That diff kit is great and will fit Gen5 camaro diffs up to Z/28 with modification. Will not fit ZL1 as completely different diff 9" iron etc.
    R200 you're in slightly less known territory but could work out great. Just be sure DSS can make the axles and that you measure driveshaft perfectly.

    Getting the whole lot in to fit is another story. Bulkheads different on our cars, pus the steering column will make for fun, if you have anything mounted on the right hand side of the engine block.. e.g. oil pump/alt/AC/etc..
    Also the starter is really fun too if it sticks out and you're mounting from the original points.

    Will have to arrange a time to come down so you can check progress from last time and get ya head around it.

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