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Thread: Track tire/wheel size setup recommendations?

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    Track tire/wheel size setup recommendations?

    Recently had ls1 swap completed by LHT Performance here is St. Petersburg, FL. The primary purpose of the car is for HPDE in Florida - Sebring, The Firm, etc. No plans of any autox. I've updated suspension kw V3s, spc ball joints, and adjustable front sway bar. One of last big purchase items is to throw some track tires and wheels on it followed by a proper alignment and corner balance. Currently, it sits on staggered 18x9.5 +55 255/35 rear and 18x8 +40 225/40 front. The tires are pretty much toast, so before I throw good money at replacing them only to determine its the wrong set up, I'm looking for suggestions that best suit the ls1 setup for track purposes. I realize most non-swapped s2ks, track cars run a square 17 x 9 255/40s but not sure if thats the best for the ls swapped version. I am running a few extra pounds up front with AC and a larger rad and heavy sway bar. Is the standard, square setup best? Help.

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    Similar scenario. After looking at everything, best go for RPF1. 9" up front 10" rear to avoid rubbing/clearance issues with stock bodywork, rolled as needed.

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