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Thread: Available vendors for LS to S2000 Harnesses?

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    Available vendors for LS to S2000 Harnesses?

    So I'm starting to make some good progress on my 5.3 Turbo LS swap into my AP1 street/drag car. (Solid 9" 4 link, cell, 28" slicks, 4.5" skinnies, and my end goal is going to be 9's on the stock 5.3 with a S476 Billet.

    One of the major components I have left to do is my harness, I know T'weaked offers a great conversion harness but I'm curious if anyone else offers them as well. I know companies like RaceSpec & Rywire will take on the job but a price tag of $4000 and 6-12 month wait wouldn't be uncommon. Anyone know of a budget friendly harness supplier that could make the conversion harness with a few more options like possibly Tefelz wire, Raychem DR-25 shrink wrap, Deutsch Connectors, milspec firewall connectors, along with the standard wire with nylon braided sleeving?

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    Are there any particular reasons you are avoiding just buying a lsx standalone harness? You will be doing a lot of wiring regardless of if you want 9s. My build is very similair to yours (416 cu in no2 build, 275/50/15 15x10 welds, eventual s480) and I just went with a popular standalone braided harness.

    My point is your gonna want to rework the headlight harnesses to remove abs, remove air pump connectors, remove ac connectors, and relocate the fuse boxes under the airbag. After doing that(days)it took me all of 2 hours to make the jumper harness, wire in the start button, 12v constant/switched, temp, rpm, and cel. Left the pigtail for the speedo alone for now.

    Save yourself the money and just buy a standalone harness save the s2000 engine harness plugs to depin. Any questions just pm since I'm currently balls deep into the wiring situation on gutted race car.

    So a standalone harness will have :
    12v constant in
    12v ignition on in
    Fan out 1
    Fan out 2
    Fuel pump out 1(2 maybe)

    So basically you just need to make a jumper harness from the original s2000 engine harness plugs that links like 10 wires together and takes in Honda water temp, and speed.
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    Ok cool! So what do I need to purchase then if im starting from scratch?

    F-Body ECU (What PN ECU do I need)
    Stock LS1 Wiring Harness (Im running a 5.3 but have mostly LS1 accessories)
    Stock S2000 Harness
    What happens to the stock S2000 ECU and stock CAN connected dash? (Thought you cant run the s2000 dash without running dual ECUs?)

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    I wouldn't run a stock ls1 harness unless you are willing to convert it to stand alone by gutting it and combining + and ignition, fusing what needs to be fused, and removing what isn't Required. Not exactly hard work but tedious. It's well documented on ls1tech.

    Your best bet is to pick up a standalone harness for a couple hundred dollars. Way cheaper than the tweaked harness and most places will also sell ecms that they hated removed VATS from. Essentially buying a ecms and sending it to someone to patch vats will cost more than buying a vats unlocked unit. Also most stand alone harnesses will include fuel pump, and fan relays which is nice.

    So the s2000 dash can be used without the ECU.
    The LS ECM will hook up to the back of the dash to provide rpm, and check engine.
    Water temp can be used without the oem ecu by buying a modify temp sensor setup meant for early aem v1 cars where the stand alone wouldn't let temp work. They still sell it for the guys who do s2000 cluster swaps in other cars.

    Speedo is done with the IM kit which is wired through y that feeds the oem ecu and the cluster

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