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Thread: LS7 '04 S2000 (completed iin 2010? new to me)

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    Post LS7 '04 S2000 (completed in 2010? new to me)

    Hey guys, I'm Danny, been on S2KI for several years and have owned a '00 S2K as well as an '06 S2K that my garage is still home to.
    Last week I picked up an LS7 swapped 2004 Suzuka Blue S2000 that was built in 2010(?)
    There was one owner between me and the guy who did the work so my information on it is limited to what I've found while crawling the internet. From what I've found, the build was documented on this site by a guy named Tom (http://v8s2000.com/showthread.php?t=117) however the thread was from an old version of the site that no longer exists and I have not found a way to retrieve it.
    Anyways, I'm here to document my ownership and join the club of V8 S2000's.

    Here's an article from 2010 that I found on it:

    The speedometer doesn't work, was told it's due to a magnet coming off of the driveshaft for the speed sensor, and about 50 miles after picking it up something failed in the transmission, seems like a broken/bent shift fork. Had it towed to a reputable guy in the LS community for him to go through it and repair the trans, swap out the 4puck clutch for something more streetable and get the speedometer working again. When I get it back I'll post up some proper photos if all my time isn't consumed by driving it

    Here are the two quick phone pics I snapped after driving it home.

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    Is it a Import Muscle kit? If so I had an issue with my speedo too and it was just a bad speed sensor they sent me. Replaced that and it works perfectly.

    Either way enjoy it. I love my LS swapped S2k

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