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Thread: Exhaust help

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    Exhaust help

    Wasup guys I'm barely getting started on my ls1 s2k and I was wondering if a aftermarket s2k exhaust would work with the swap? Or do I have to go a different route on it

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    ~Jason Schmuck (SchmuckBuilt) is starting to do longtubes and custom exhaust
    ~Hinson Motorsports makes a set of longtubes and a Y-pipe
    ~Flying Miata headers will work with some slight modifications
    ~Hooker Cast Iron Manifolds are probably your best bet

    No one really makes a bolt-on exhaust for this swap. You’re going to have to go the custom route

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    There's def going to be some custom work involved, no matter what. That said I'm running an Invidia Q300 stainless dual catback with flying miata headers and a custom y-pipe with Vibrant HFC's. Good luck on your build!!

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