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Thread: Hello all! Sayin hi

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    Hello all! Sayin hi

    Nice to finally be able to say im actually an 1/8 into my first swap, and hope to be done by fall of next year.
    Some beautiful builds here! I know lots of good info in here and hope to be able to give back at some point as well. Thanks! For having me.

    Really torn right now on directions, but I am Active Duty Deployed and not in a rush. My f22 cylinder 4's rings let loose JUST before leaving so; hell with it! Starting an Ls swap. Engine is up for sale as a rebuildable unit and my entire forced induction setup as well. Just waiting on sales and a good drop out find!

    Ill be reading through this place for the time being lol.

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    Welcome and enjoy. It's quiet as all hell, I heard most is on faceberg these days but I hate that place...
    LS1tech and S2KI are also great resources for each part of your build. Good luck!

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