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Thread: Cost of ls1/ls2 swap?

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    Cost of ls1/ls2 swap?

    i crashed my s2k a while back and sold it. i had other cars in the past but something about s2k that i cant let go. now i want to get another s2k but now with a swap.

    i thought about k24/k20 swap since i think its cheaper?

    whats the average or how much did it cost you guys to do a ls1 or ls2 swap? is it possible to get it bar'd in california?

    i can imagine cruising with V8 s2000 with top down and a hot girl in passenger seat

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    Iím about $20k into my swap

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    Too many factors for a blanket answer.

    I had bought a clean, low mileage S with a Vortech supercharger kit installed by previous owner. Drove it for a couple years before the LS swap. I was able to get a lot of $ from selling the engine/trans/vortech kit, etc. This tremendously reduced the overall cost of my swap.

    Everyone's situation will be different.

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