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Thread: Exhaust headers and manifolds.

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    That y pipe is a bit strange. By the exit placement those look like shorty block huggers which will be practically the same as the set from flyin Miata. I was able to fit a pair of 1-3/4 back and down block huggers before I switched to a different starter.

    In the end I just went with a big cube motor and extruded cast manifolds and make 575 wheel :/

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    I was wondering what kinda exhaust system you guys used?

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    LS3 Chevy SS exhaust manifolds fit.

    Hey guys. finished the LS1 back in 2012 but wanted a new heart transplant. I bought a new crate LS3 from GM last XMAS. the new crates are based of the CHEVY SS.

    I was planning to use the old exhaust manifolds from the Fbody, but.............................

    seems like the CHEVY SS manifolds fit as well and look "meatier"

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    Are you using that camaro/G8 pan? Or swapping the fbody pan in?
    I have a crate ls3 to. Confirming what pan it came with currently cause I wont be home till June (read the c6 pan “might” fit as well). Not sure if the fbody is used primarily for ground clearance or does it not clear the subframe? (I see yours is out)
    I went with the 2.5” hooker block huggers.
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